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There is a SECRET order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries to GENUINE seekers who sincerely wish to find the TRUE LIGHT. Further information about this SECRET order, how to join, conditions of membership and the subjects taught can be found on our homepage and the other pages of this website.

Paracelsus, the great 16th Century Occultist wrote:
"He who wishes to learn Occult Truth must first of all divest himself of all intellectual pride, prejudice, preconceptions and the opinions of others, for all these bar the door to the entrance of Truth."

death of aapap

This is true. Moreover, those who think they can learn Truth without the guidance of a qualified Teacher—appointed to this task by the Gods themselves—will fall into error and confusion. We have only to read the endless stream of so-called 'occult' books pouring off the presses nowadays, adding to an enormous mountain of similar publications, all contradicting each other, to know that this is true. Many of these writers MEAN well, and we have no doubt that many of them are sincere, but NONE of them can provide the genuine Seeker with clear answers to the great mysteries of Life. Instead, such books endlessly recycle second and third hand opinions about subjects of which the authors have no real knowledge and less experience; they speculate, but they do not KNOW, because they have not been taught to SEE. Paracelsus confirms this when he says: "He who desires to know the Truth must be able to see it, and not be satisfied with descriptions of it received from others."

Who sees Truth and where is it?

The Upanishads tell as that: "Those who themselves have seen the Truth can be thy Teachers of Wisdom. Ask from them, incline thine ear unto them and be thou unto them a faithful servant." In the Bible Job asks "But where shall Wisdom be found? And where is the place of Understanding?" The Upanishads answer: "In the secret high place of the heart are two Beings who drink the Wine of Life in the World of Truth." Who these 'two beings' are no book can tell you, just as no book can reveal what is really meant by such enigmatical phrases as 'the Wine of Life', for these are some of the secrets known only to the members of the Secret order described on our homepage. But we can say with Robert Browning that "Truth is within ourselves, it takes no rise from outward things. There is an inmost centre in us all where Truth abides in fullness."

praise to the risen horus

We may seem to be contradicting ourselves in saying that Truth lies within ourselves but can only be taught by the True Teacher. But if you will read over our words again with care you will see this is not so at all. Knowing where something IS, is not the same as being able to GET it. We need a map or a guide to help us. This is the purpose of this website and the purpose of the True Teacher: to serve as a kindly guide to point YOU in the right direction. But it is not enough to be given signposts, we have to know HOW to read them if we are to profit from the directions they give. In short, we have to learn a whole new language. And if it took us several years to learn our native language, how much longer must it take us to learn the language of the Mysteries? This should convince you in no uncertain manner that those who claim to teach you anything about the Mysteries in a few short weeks or months (after which you will be a fully paid-up Initiate, if not an 'Adept') are most definitely NOT in possession of any Truths worth learning. So, we have learned one Truth at least and that is that REAL Occult Truth is not picked up in a haphazard manner from a few books in a month or two, nor from those lesser occult groups claiming to represent the so-called 'Hidden Masters' and 'illuminati' who advertise their impertinent claims online and in the pages of New Age magazines.

The Path to Truth

One of the greatest Occultists of the 19th Century once summed up the Path to Truth in these few words. "Ignorance, the dawn of reason, intellect, the dawn of real understanding, or initiation, and finally Wisdom. These are the five steps which raise Man from brute to Spirit." Most of us are probably somewhere between stages three and four, but wherever we stand, or THINK we do, we can have no real comprehension of Truth until we discard the opinions of others and learn to THINK for and by ourselves. This is the first and most important step on the road to Enlightenment and Liberation. One wit once remarked that "most people spend their entire lives on earth trying desperately NOT to think; and most succeed." We agree and feel sure you have met a good few of these folks yourselves!

ani and Tutu

The next step is to free ourselves from wrong teachings and misrepresentations of the True Laws of the Universe. This process is not for cowards or weaklings, for the timid NEVER reflect, being too afraid to let go of their cherished fancies and fantasies... No, the Path to Truth is for heroes and heroines, full of courage, ardour, fire and zeal, without being fanatics. It needs at the same time a heart full of tenderness, patience and love for all that lives and breathes. All earthly cleverness, distrust of other people's motives, suspicion of trickery and fraud, and other, similar worldly 'wisdom', is useless to the Student who sincerely seeks Truth. So long as we live in an atmosphere of suspicion, unfriendliness towards others, being unwilling to give and lose freely without afterthought, we cannot make any progress at all.

The realisation of Truth

Truly, the path to Truth is long, and the stones are very hard and sharp to the weary traveller towards the distant Light. But if we are steadfast, there will anon shine out a ray of Hope upon the far horizon. Then gradually, and often speedily, the Spiritual Sun will rise within our Heaven; a great awakening of the Inner Self takes place, and the moment comes when we can realize the majesty of Truth, such as no materialist could ever dream of, that will place us upon the heights, where nothing of the shadow-land here below can reach us. And there we stand, liberated, glorified and full of joy beyond all earthly comprehension.

Moreover, there is a vast concourse awaiting you of those who have trodden the path before. Anxiously they await your coming, stretching out their arms in welcome to you, the weary traveller; glad to know that your task among the shadows is done and the more glorious work shall now commence for you. There they await YOU; the Real Hidden Masters, awaiting their brothers of shadowy earth, now transformed into flaming torches of wisdom, love and compassion; ready to add their light to the greater flames of God; to light the way for those who are yet to come.

Is this not worth striving for? If you believe that it is, then we invite you to take the first step on the Royal Road to freedom by sending off for the Manifesto which describes the Aims and Teachings of this Secret order.

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