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There is a SECRET order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries to GENUINE seekers who sincerely wish to find the TRUE LIGHT. Further information about this SECRET order, how to join, conditions of membership and the subjects taught can be found on our homepage and the other pages of this website.

If you would like to know more about the Sublime Occult Mysteries before applying for membership of this SECRET order, you will find the following five books of interest. They were all written by J Michaud PhD, an advanced member of this SECRET order during the last century, as you can read in The Golden Star, the second of the six occult books he wrote during his lifetime, most of which are now almost entirely unknown. They were published by the UMA Press in London between 1939 and 1950, and it is now very difficult to obtain any printed copies of them. For this reason they have been re-published in electronic format, free for all to read and study online in their own time and at their own pace.

Each of these remarkable books reveals several of the true laws and principles of occult science. Much of this information has never been made available to the public before. Even if you choose not to apply for membership of this Secret Order, these books can be of enormous personal benefit to you if you study them with an open mind and your full attention. You can read more about the author and his books on the website of In answer to the many requests we receive for printed copies, we regret that there are no plans to produce printed or PDF editions of these books at this time.

The Golden Star

The Golden Star

Aptly described as "A BOOK FOR INITIATES", The Golden Star expounds the most ADVANCED OCCULT TEACHINGS, never before revealed to the public, yet in such a fascinating manner as to hold and extend the interest of the novice.

The book is written in the form of a story, in which two Egyptian pilgrims, Ma-u and Ma-uti, are conducted through the higher and lower planes by Neteru-Hem, a Messenger from the Divine. During their journey they are gradually introduced to the true laws and principles of the Universe.

During their remarkable journey, the two pilgrims are taught about the real nature of matter and spirit and the ways in which these two entirely opposite principles are interwoven. The many subjects covered include the origins of the universe, witchcraft, magic (both black and white), spiritualism, the inhabitants of the four elemental kingdoms (Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines and Salamanders), psychism, clairvoyance and clairaudience, true, spiritual vision, divine inspiration, the occult constitution of man and how to attain cosmic consciousness and oneness with the Divine.

Symphonie Fantastique

Symphonie Fantastique

Nothing quite like this most unusual book, subtitled a 'Diablerie in Four Movements or a Symphony in Words', exists in the annals of occult and mystical literature. Nor do we know of any books in which the sincere seeker after Truth may find the answers to the great mysteries of life and death explained with such simplicity and clarity.

Although the author was an accomplished musician and the narrative closely follows the structure of a classical symphony of four movements, Symphonie Fantastique is not a book about music, but Spiritual Enlightenment and Liberation.

The story is set some 427,000 years in the FUTURE, at the close of the Kali Yuga or 'Black Age', and describes the final battle between the Powers of Light and the forces of darkness which will usher in the 'Golden Age' longed for by so many mystics.

Many of the occult truths you will find in this book have never been so openly stated before. Nor are they more vitally needed than today, when the world is in the grip of wars, disorder and despair and thinking people are seeking answers to the great mysteries of life. This book provides these answers in the form of the shining jewels of the wisdom of the ages; heavenly treasure that all may freely partake of according to the strength of their thirst for Truth and their capacity for understanding it.

The Book of Sa-Heti

The Book of Sa-Heti

This book is about the life of Krishna—the Holy Hindu Saviour and prototype of Christ. It was first published by the UMA Press in London in 1950 and is now almost unobtainable in print. It is now available to all readers for the very first time on the Internet.

The book describes many of the incidents found in the New Testament but enacted 3,000 years previously wherein John becomes Arjuna, Maia the holy Mary, and Christ Krishna.

Here you will find the Sublime Occult Truths revealed in all their pristine purity and radiant beauty. Truths which unveil the mysteries of Life and Death and the secrets of creation and evolution. This book is an intense spiritual adventure for the sincere seeker after Truth and a treasure-trove of wisdom and comfort for every kind of reader.

As one reviewer writes: "This is a royal book: as though the Lord of the high realm had inspired the writer to renew again the forsaken wisdom; the kingly teachings that are true teachings in these days of a planetary Gethsemane when the great truths are crucified, and the illuminated minds dwell within a long Calvary."

The Quest of Ruru

The Quest of Ruru

This book depicts a living picture of the India of 2,000 years ago; drawn with unerring skill and poetic power by the inspired hand of Dr Michaud.

The reader will discover a glittering panorama of gorgeous scenery: of a tremendous 'black' ceremony by an evil wizard; of extraordinary 'Tests', and Initiations into the Arcane Mysteries; of strange adventures; exotic love scenes; of a great Rishi; and of a Master who surely represents the ideal of every Seeker; and—above all—of true elucidations of some of the hidden secrets of the Universe, so far as they may be disclosed.

As one reviewer writes: "The Quest of Ruru is an epitome of the Wisdom of the East. In this book we find many of the choicest sayings of the Rishis—the Wise Sages of ancient India—brought vividly and vitally to life once more in the incomparable prose of Dr Michaud. Here are wise saws for every occasion, witty commentaries upon the vagaries of earthly existence, together with inspired jewels of wisdom which unveil the highest truths and carry the mind of the reader to undreamed of regions of Light and Beauty."

The Teachings of Li Wang Ho

The Teachings of Li Wang Ho

This remarkable book expounds the teachings of a forgotten Chinese Sage of over 2,000 years ago, lovingly restored once more for the benefit of all sincere seekers after Truth and Wisdom.

A Muzchik, in his review for Occult Mysteries, writes: "This is one of those very rare books in any age that can change your life for the better. You do not need to be an occultist or mystic to benefit from the teachings it contains. You do not even need to know much about philosophy or ancient Chinese literature. All you need are an open mind and a thirst for Truth." We agree.

This fast-paced story abounds with enchanting descriptions of the China of 2,000 years ago and its colourful folklore and customs. We are introduced to many memorable characters, including the inimitable Lu-shun, who typifies all the very worst characteristics of so many seekers after occult 'powers'. Yet, in the end, he is redeemed through the wonderful teachings of the Sage, Li Wang Ho, whose many wise sayings and observations upon material and spiritual life will appeal to every kind of reader.

The book begins by enumerating seven cardinal sins which most of us will have been guilty of at some time. The author does not mince his words, especially in regard to Pride, of which he says "This is an altogether unpardonable Sin and shows an utter absence of Intelligence and Appreciation of the Benevolence of the Gods. For it is only They who can bestow that of which man, in his stupidity, is so proud." No thinking seeker who truly wishes to make spiritual progress will disagree with these true sentiments. But read the book for yourself—we do not think you will be disappointed!

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